Sunday, April 1, 2012

Paid to Click vs Get Paid To vs Rewards Sites

Paid to click (PTC) are sites that act as the middlemen between advertisers and consumers. The advertisers pays for their advertisements to be displayed on these websites and part of the payment goes to the consumers for viewing the ads. Much of the source of revenue for these sites are supposedly the advertisements, most of the profit comes from the sale of rented referrals or upgrade packages. There are hundreds of these sites popping up everyday and most of them turn out to be scams. If you are good at getting referrals this is a great way for you to make some extra cash.Some helpful tips I've learned the hard way and by the hard way I mean lost about $1000 wasting my money upgrading and buying/renting referrals:

  • Once you have reached the minimum cashout: CASHOUT & don't wait! I for some stupid reason think it's more rewarding to wait until I reach a higher payout to cashout. But by then the site has gone scam and I unfortunately am not able to do so.
  • Don't buy/rent referrals. Half of the money I invested was for this purpose and they do click in the beginning but guaranteed they will eventually stop. Which means you would have to spend more money recycling them or buying/renting new ones
I do recommend joining refback sites if you have trouble getting referrals yourself. 



Get paid to (GPT) and rewards sites are sites that pays its members for completing offers, surveys, quizzes, and tasks. You can also earn by playing games, reading emails, daily clicks, and cashback shopping. The only difference is that members receive points instead of money on rewards sites. Once you have accumulated enough points, these points then can be redeemed for prizes or gift cards of your choice. I've joined several rewards sites and most of them are relatively similar. You most likely will see the same offers however the rewards points given and prize selections will vary.

  • Don't be afraid of the high cashout limits set by get paid to sites. It really is achievable and there are many ways to earn. Let's say you complete one offer a day worth $0.70 for a month. ($0.70 x 30 = $21) That's $21 you have just made. There is no limit as to how many offers you can complete in a day. And this is you alone. You can't even begin to make that much alone with paid to click. That's just impossible. 
  • Get paid to sites (if it is a legit site) will never change their terms of service (TOS). Paid to click sites will do so if they are low on funds. They will lower the number of direct referrals you can have as well as lowering how much you can earn from them. Increase cashout limits. 
  • After you join several get paid to sites check out their prizes. If you don't like the prizes being offered don't bother continuing. Why do I say that? Because most likely some offers will show up on multiple sites. If you complete an offer on Site A you will not be able to complete the exact same offer on Site B. If you do the same offer twice that will be considered cheating and lead to your account being suspended. 

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